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Verdigris Birdie Necklace


A pretty wee birdie made from beaten copper sheet, with a vintage china fragment wing and a twirled beaded tail. He is finished in a crystalline verdigris and coated on the back with resin.

He is 23mm across, hangs from a 45cm (18in) rose gold plated trace chain and comes in a pretty gift box with a signed booklet.

Handmade by Linda Lovatt in her wee studio and gallery in the Scottish Borders town of Jedburgh, Beastie Assemblage products are made from copper and brass sheet, broken bits of pottery, beads, buttons and anything pretty and are then aged with chemicals to give the beautiful verdigris colour.

Due to the handcrafted nature of these products, pieces may vary very slightly to those shown in photographs.

Product Code: 580006